Saturday, March 03, 2007

Maybe I deserve slightly better...

It wasn't so expressive, but real and personal,
Cool and calm with no acceptance and no denial.

At first i thought, its an immature decision.
Maybe she was lying, but i needed good reason.

To feel someone special in heart, is a delight,
But, How can i forget the sadness crested that night?

Crying for something that's not in my control,
First time i felt, in body, heart has a better role.

Let's make a decision, and start a new life today,
Will try, to experience my life in a better way.

Let her live without any guilt, if she is innocent,
It hardly matters, even if she's guile or dishonest.

Here i assume, she will coquet with me habitually,
But that's not going to affect me any more, definately.

Let's move to next page, and preserve this futile chapter,
I know, it's not easy but, Maybe i deserve slightly better...