Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stay Emotional

There are lots of definitions about emotions, but for me,

1> If i try to sync up my feeling with the feeling of others, i am emotional.
2> If i feel i should not do anything, even if i can do, i am emotional.
3> Even if i share happiness of others, i am emotional.
4> Emotions are related with heart, once it stops you are dead.
5> if you do not have emotions, you are harmful, because
  • You can play with emotions of others.
  • Your life become easy, maybe at the cost of others life.
So, please die for the sake of others, if you are not emotional.

Some people say they are not emotional : They live in fear of not being emotionally blackmailed.
Some people say they are very emotional : They want to prove there exist a wet corner in his dead heart.

Advice for :
Emotional people : They should be strong enough to afford emotions.
Less emotional people : You are safe, stay as it is.
Not emotional people : There isn't any single person i met who are not emotional.

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