Friday, August 03, 2007

Living happily

Happy living is an art. Not everyone live happily even if he/she has achieved whatever and whenever he/she wanted. for example, if a guy saw a girl and think if she would become his friend. As soon as that girl become his friend, he set up another target about her.These things make us happy or even happier for few moments/days, but not the happiest one.

Lets elaborate few points :
1> Happiness last lesser if we continue finding opportunity and forget to enjoy things that we already have. Its not bad to look for new friends but it should not be at the cost of existing ones.

2> Whenever we feel alone, think of any lonely person around you, go and meet him/her.

3> Care for people who respect you or love you.

4> Generate new and practical ideas : Even if we have enough money for a costly dinner or for a good movie , our weekends goes in boredom. The reason is neither you nor the other person can create a better plan for the weekend to enjoy. So, its better to generate new and practical ideas to spend your time with happiness.

5> Clear objective : One of my friend feel happiness in educating street children. So, he only need a place and few children. No money. No friend. No relatives.
So, we should be clear about what is going to make us happy? Once we find it, keep doing more and more.

6> Learn to enjoy everything : There is nothing called "have to do" in life (except, breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping). But we still mark some of our task or activity as "have to do". So, those task can be enjoyed if we learn to enjoy everything (or if we have "enjoy everything" attitude).

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