Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weird observations

Observation 1 :
In India, when we go to find a groom, we assume
1> Groom should be older than Bride.
2> Groom should be working in some better company than bride (or earning better salary).
3> Groom should have greater in height (and built) then bride.
4> and many more...

and after few years of marriage we say "The guy is not treating his wife, as they are equal".
Question : which angle they are equal?

Answer : There's not point in finding whether they are equal or not. Its better if we think "Together they can make their life complete, which they cannot do it alone." So, find a pair instead of equality.

Observation 2 :
India is growing so fast because not only men but women are also taking part in its development actively. Today the reach of woman is great everywhere. This has created one issue which i like to bring in.

Why woman want to supersede man? if this happen then it will again create the same problem (with side replaced) that we still have in some part of our society, where women are not treated equally.

Point of discussion is : Can't it be better if we decide to treat everyone equally than fighting for our own superiority?

Answer : Lets make it healthy competition than immature campaign.

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