Saturday, December 22, 2007

Feel of shivering will remove the pain.

Crucified like a murderer of her dreams.
I put my neck, punish me if i am wrong.
Just one word, saved my life that day.
Its was "Trust", and it went my way.

Raised my eyes, to feel the distress.
Once again questioned, who is guilty?
Still I tried to convey her graciously,
You should be happy, not being with me.

She blinked her eyes to hide the drops.
Heart ordered to hold her, but hand stops.
I knew the limit, so just shared few words.
Glory of kinking smile spread on her lips.

We can enjoy life for many good reasons.
So, how anybody cry in stunning season.
Just close your eyes and smell the rain.
Feel of shivering will remove the pain.

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