Sunday, March 30, 2008

Umbrella of life

  • Sometimes i feel we live under a big coloured umbrella revolving around its axis.
  • The sun rays falls on that umbrella and we all get shades of the different colours based on our positions.
  • Its not possible to be at two positions simultaneously (one cannot be happy and sad at the same time) .
  • Also, its not possible to stay at the same position indefinitely (one cannot be sad for the whole life) . People who are getting the same colour at any time are linked with some virtual thread (like X number of people enjoying any event).
  • Unfortunately, there are few holes in the umbrella, so there may be a chance that somebody is getting light directly. In this case he/she do not feel anything. so we call it as wastage in life (Beware...This can make your life meaningless).
  • Human beings are so dynamic that they try to move inside the umbrella to receive the shades which is not expected linearly (i.e to catch up good moments). To get this, you should be knowing which color can make you happy and trying to follow that color.
  • While moving inside the umbrella we create a path which is called "Path of life".
  • It is possible that one can cross the line by revisiting a point inside the umbrella. This is called "Point of refund". You already paid the price for this point so you deserve to get your things back which you might left in the past. (for example, you proposed somebody and he/she refused you then somebody else proposes you later in your life. Here you can react based on your past experience). One thing i like to point out here that you cannot get the same feeling again because the umbrella is also moving so the color can be different during revisit.
  • The more you move away from vertex of umbrella, the more frequent you feel change in your life, because the traversal is more.
  • Only god can bend this umbrella towards any side with any angle.
  • This is the umbrella of "life". Unborn and dead have no place under this.

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