Wednesday, August 27, 2008

UnSurprised Reactions...

Most of the time we don't know how to react on any situation. Sometimes we know but still we do mistakes...Strange thing is that sometimes we don't even react (just stay flat) when it was required most. This leads to confusion. And when you get your senses back, you have already lost the moment.

There are many but, i can remember only one this time. The incident was like one of my team mate told me that she has resigned and will be leaving the company in few days (she worked with me for nearly 2 years).
And my reaction was plane and simple "ok" with little silence. I didn't even asked formal questions like where? why? etc. After exchange of one or two immaterial statements, the discussion ended.

After some time (when i got my senses :-)) i realized, my reaction might let her in some confusion, like
1> I already knew that she has resigned.
2> I was certain that she will not stay here for long.
3> I hardly care, whether she stay here or not.

Question : Why the reaction was NIL?
Answer : God Knows. Maybe because i moved lots of situations into the list of unsurprised reaction or maybe because out of 3 any of the above statement is right.

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