Saturday, November 29, 2008

Side Effects

This is what i feel as the side effect of quitting drinking.

You simply try to ignore parties which is specially for drinking. Good example could be a beer party at roadside theka, where you won't get anything else (cold drinks etc).
In some party (unofficial ones), if majority of people are drinking, you will feel like you are the care taker of those guys/girls who will get extremely drunk. Also, you can't involve yourself in the discussion (which usually happens after 2 or 3 pegs) , because people may get you wrong at that time as you should have to be in complete sense. So, you will get a feeling as you are not allowed to talk non-sense at that time.
There may be some time even in the official party, people get surprised when you say you don't drink beer also. Just like wine and beer are symbols of so called MAN. You will get excuse if you are female or married person(people may think in their mind at that time "darpok saala biwi ke dar se peena chod diya").

Good news is, all these feelings are mostly related with parties in bigger cities like NCR.

Why i am saying this specially for quitters because you mostly have those friends with whom you had enjoyed parties like this. Those who never drink are either habituated with these situations or could have mostly non-drinkers in their friend circle.

Anyways for me, i am not going to change my mind, because i am not mentally so week to get affected by any such side effects.

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