Thursday, November 27, 2008

Simply can't ignore....

Whenever i hear statements like, "we are girls we have to follow the culture", few things just pops up in my mind, What do you think, a boy live without boundaries. or its easy for a guy to break all rules. Or may be there isn't any rule for boys.

Most of the time we see girls usually follows things like visit temples, do fasting, eat veg only, do not eat vegetable which are roots (like potato, radish, onion, garlic etc) because, its in their religion.
At least half of them don't know why they do that. Mostly they do that because their parents told her to do (At least they say like that). I don't know why they feel ashamed in saying i want this not because my parents told me but because i believe its correct or i have faith in this system/religion etc.

These days, at least in metro cities, girls feel proud of saying they can smoke or drink. At least I can't buy this, because i know the repercussions.

Girls usually want to hide that she know cooking food. I don't know why feeling ashamed in showing a quality if you have. Also, i can't buy the reason that, guy think these are just homely girls only suitable for marriages and not for girlfriends.
Funny side is : At least half of the orkut profile contain cuisines as anything cooked by mom, ghar ka khaana etc. So, what the next generation will write, anything cooked by maid/cook or rajma chawal of roadside dhaba, etc.

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