Friday, January 16, 2009

Weird thoughts

Sometimes when i give time to myself, many weird thoughts comes into my mind. Like, Why i am here in this world. What will happen to this world if i won't we here. Am i here just to increase the count or for the survival of certain species called as human beings. Or is there any other purpose for me.
It maybe a situation like when we play a game called "the age of empires" where every villager has a life, a role, an objective. The villager may also think like he is an independent creatures. He manages himself. Nobody is on top of him. He can do whatever he wants. but actually it me who is deciding his life, his role, his objective etc. Its me who has defined the rules for him. Same is the case for us. May be somebody else has defined rules for us and he is actually managing us or playing with us and there is no way, where we can figure out who he is? Because if this is not true i.e we are all independent with whatever we think, we are free to do. Then why not somebody lives forever. Why people have to die after certain age. Why we can't decide our birth and death. Why a person with 2 hands 2 legs etc are called normal. Why a person born with just 1 hand are called handicapped. Maybe he is just a part of another specie which do not fits in our role but fits best in some other role. One reason could be, because majority of people here are with 2 hands and 2 legs. But what about the existence of similar species (with just 1 hand) at some other part of the universe, which we do not know. Aren't we selfish enough by forcing that person to obey our rules, where we fits the best. One good reason could be, since he came from our body so he has to follow our rule. Perfect!!! So, what about plants, where we experimented it to that level that it can give flowers of color decided by us. Or it can give fruit whose shapes are decided by us. Even for birds like cock/hen living in poultry farms.
We all learn from example like if our ancestors are dead that means we will also die in future. But what about things which we don't know or where we do not have any control. i.e we can't guarantee. like deciding the sex of the baby. We can figure it out but we can't decide it beforehand. So, there may be someone else who is actually deciding it. We may call it as God/all mighty etc either because we don't have any way to know about him. Just like a villager has no way of knowing us, they may be calling us god.
I think its time to sleep now...Today i stress tested my mind or may be someone else wants me to write all these...

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