Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lazy but Crazy

These days i started feeling that i have lots of time, lots of energy to do lots of stuff which can invaribly differ from my daily work. It can be a trip to some nice place like, Leh, Sikkim, Kerela, Goa, etc. Or can be an involvement of me in some sort of social service, like teaching kids, etc, Or, can be anything that bring the craziness out of me...
These days whenever i talk to my collegue/friends or seniors(especially who are married), i usually find the sentence "when are you getting married?" or similar, in between the talk. I don't know, may be few of my married friends would like to comment here, but, Is the marriage, which is the only important thing left in my life to do or do i have something more to work out?
Thanks to god, I still have unmarried friends left. But some of them looks like they achieved a level of saturation and they are waiting for the event to occur in their life. Afetr that they will become super active kind of person to live a successful married life. Or like mentally preparing and planning to establish the "ghar grihasthi". It reminds me with the situation like army zawaans at border waiting for the war to begin.
Now, this brings us, few questions, like am i lazy enough, not to proceed for any of my crazy ideas. Am i also one of the person discussed above. Do i need a company to start a trip or to start for social service. Do, i lack confidence in doing these things? I am not sure any of these question can really help me. One thing i surely know that its around 3:00 AM monday morning and its time to go sleep to reach office on time.

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