Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sabbatical Day 1

Its important in life to get some time off from work and some companies like the one i work with provides a great way to facilitate it. We call it sabbatical and it comes after every 5 year spent with the company. Although i took it after 7 years because of my lazy attitude when it comes about my personal life. Good thing is that even after 7 years, at least i took it and today was my first day of the 4 week long sabbatical.
From last couple of days i was thinking of planning a regular small week offs at least for one week. This can not only provides some time to rethink about my career but most importantly it will give me time to think about my personal life. YES, YOU NEED TO PLAN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AS WELL.
So, what all i expect from this sabbatical is, by the end at least i should be able to decide on what all i want to do till i avail my next sabbatical.


I slept the whole day today because of late night movie yesterday with friends. Yes, Kai Poche is one time watch movie with storyline picked from Chetan's "The 3 Mistakes of My Life". Although as usual, i would prefer reading that book again than watching this movie next time.

I have nothing to do except some emails i wanted to reply on "as usual" and yes, its very difficult to get away from something which you are doing it from last 10 years.

I still need to finish my plan for my tour to south India. I want to give the whole time to myself living in peace for next one month. Hope it would start from day number 2.

One more thing i would love to do is if i can change my regular day-to-day activities more disciplined. Some forced punctuality in my daily routine and obviously some more time for myself.

I think this is all for day 1. Hope i could have some exciting day 2.

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