Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Who told you to make everyone happy?

I never thought that something like this will happen in my life, but thats the truth. Maybe its due to my nature or due to the education i recieved from my parents. I always tried not to hurt anybody. Every moment of my life becomes happier. Well said "The man who is easily accessible, valued less". The "Be happy" attitude was good for my health but it starts affecting my position, my value, my esteem, my admiration. I don't know how to play game, how to cheat people. Everytime i got cheated by anyone, i always realize it can be avoided. But again, as per my nature i forgot and do the same stuff without putting any mind in that. I don't know, why i always try to make everybody happy? Why i always try to dilute the tensed environment? It becomes almost difficult to describe others that i can also have problems. I also want to feel sad, just for the change of mood. I also want to cry and need to be sympathized. It becomes impossible for me to explain these feelings to anybody. I starts doing self-analysis. I want to go to the root cause of, why i have created this type of environment which becomes suffocative for me? After much soul-searching, i got the reason, it was the thought that comes in my mind "not to hurt anybody", was the main culprit. There are millions of people we meet in this world. Who told you to make everyone happy?

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