Thursday, February 01, 2007

Once is enough

There was an incident 10 years back if my memory is not wrong.
I was in Ranchi at that time doing graduation there. One day I went to the local market near my residence. There was a small but famous sweet shop "Ojha Sweets". They used to sell "Samosa" as well in the evening. I went to that shop to have one “Samosa”. I ordered one and was waiting for the fresh one that are in frying state. Some more people are at the same shop eating what they have ordered. I was looking around few street children. They hardly have enough clothes on their body. They are playing with couple of street dogs, just like they are their friends.
Suddenly I heard a voice, “Sir, Samosa”; I went near to the shop guy and took my “Samosa”. The moment I turned back, I was about to cry with the scene I saw.
The street children were almost fighting with the dogs for the “Jootha patta katori”, which somebody might have thrown out. I was standing motionless, and was not able to think what to do. I didn’t know how to react. I just handed over my Samosa to one of the street children and left the place.

*Jotha : food that is considered polluted, usually because it has come in contact with somebody's saliva.
**Patta Katori : a small container made with leaf, which are used in small shops.

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