Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Philosophy # 1

There are few things in life for which one should wait.
  1. To pick up the child fallen in your way.
  2. Roll call: Especially when caller starts alphabetically from A and your name is “vinod”.
  3. Opportunity to prove himself/herself.
  4. Aged enough for marriage: (18 for female and 21 for male)
  5. To see the face of his/her newborn baby. (9 month in ideal case).

For rest of the thing, one can be impatient like me.


Pankaj Jha said...

Common comment for ur blogs :

Everything looks like coming from core of ur heart. I haven't read all the blogs yet. But I found a good space to read. Keep it up.

Vinod Kumar said...

Thanks Pankaj...